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One of the most important things you can do for your lawn, grass and garden is ensure that it is regularly cut and maintained. Not only does this keep your property good looking and perfectly groomed, but you also preserve the health of your grass and garden. In this post we will discuss regular mowing and why it’s important.

The Benefits Of Regular Lawnmowing

There are many reasons your Sunshine Coast property needs routine mowing. These benefits include:

Healthier Grass

At the base of a healthy, freshly cut lawn is the thatch layer, the thatch layer is leftover lawn clippings that the mower has mulched back into the ground. This benefits the lawn and the soil because it returns water and degradable nutrient-rich materials back into your lawn. 

Even Growth

Many lawns suffer from patchy, uneven grass. Regular mowing not only cuts your grass to a uniform level but allows for even distribution and absorption of resources. This ensures consistent and even growth.

Improved Curb Appeal

In addition to a healthy lawn, maintaining your lawns and garden is an easy and affordable way to boost your curb appeal. A uniform and even lawn can make a big difference.

Regular Mowing & Why It's Important - Mowing the grass
Mowing the grass

How Often Should I Cut My Lawn?

The time it takes to trim, cut and care for your lawn increases over time as your lawn is constantly growing. From the moment your lawn is cut, each blade of grass expands and with every weed that pops up through the weeks, it affects the time and effort needed to get your lawn back into shape. 

In coastal areas of southeast QLD, we recommend mowing every week to 2 weeks through the summer months and 2 to 4 weeks during the winter period to achieve the most out of your lawn.

Any longer will mean your lawn is overgrown which means the blades are long and wide and the base is now thick and well established.

Don’t Wait To Cut Your Lawn!

There is a transition period where the topmost blades begin to elongate and widen weeks after mowing. The base also thickens and will become fibrous. Because of the growth in the top layer of your turf, cutting past this point adds more time and cost to your lawn mowing service.

As the base thickens there is more grass which means more frequent emptying of the catcher and longer mow times. At this stage, the mowing process takes much longer and becomes stressful to the turf, this also puts more strain on the mower which in turn creates more wear and tear. 

This is the reason overgrown properties will cost sometimes more than double the regular mowing price. Therefore, we recommend having your lawn mowed frequently at a manageable height. Mowing regularly keeps the base of the grass at an ideal size to allow for sunlight, water and nutrients to flow through more efficiently to promote a healthy green and lush lawn.

Regular Mowing & Why It's Important - man and child sitting on lawn mower

Do You Need Lawn Help?

Lawn mowing and garden maintenance take time, skill and effort. With Surf N Turf Mowing, you needn’t feel overwhelmed! We take the hassle and stress out of lawn maintenance and help you keep your garden green, lush and gorgeous!

Get in touch with us today, and find out how we can help you!

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