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The joy of having beautiful, healthy plants in your garden is immeasurable. But let’s face it – maintaining them can be hard work! Many will spend countless hours, money and stress watering and maintaining their garden and exotic plants only to have them wilt and brown. By growing native plants in your garden, you can finally enjoy a greener, more gorgeous space that is low-maintenance and easy to care for!

When you plant native plants in your garden, not only are they good for the environment but also provide a haven to local wildlife. Here are the top reasons you should have native plants in your garden.

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What Are Native Plants?

Native plant species are the natural wonders of our environment. Put simply, native plant species refer to the trees, flowers and plants that grew naturally in the area before intensive human settlement. These are plants that are ideally suited to the soil and can withstand the climate and weather without much trouble.

The Benefits Of Native Plants

A beautiful garden filled with lush greenery is always good, however, its beauty does not just lie in its appearance, but its power to provide a haven for insects and wildlife. With the countless benefits offered by native plants it is no wonder they are a popular addition in any Australian home.

Save Water

Native plants are an excellent choice for your garden because they are better suited to the local climate and its typical rainfall. This means that you won’t have as much trouble with them requiring too much water or being susceptible to water damage in heavy storms and rainfall.

Low Maintenance Garden

With choosing the right plants for your gardens, natives can certainly make for low maintenance gardens. Once established, many native plants need little care and will thrive with rain or supplemental watering during periods of extended drought.

Attract Local Wildlife

Diversity is key to a healthy ecosystem. Having a diverse range of plants in your garden will attract local wildlife. Native plants provide habitats and food for birds, insects and other local wildlife that help to naturally maintain the ecosystem.

Resistance to Local Weather

Native plants have evolved to the local landscape and are ideally adapted to its soil, climate and weather conditions. Similarly, they are more resistant to pests and diseases which can often be a problem with non-native plants.

Restores Natural Habitats

After years of immigration and settlement, the Australian landscape has changed and is filled with non-native and often invasive plant species. By investing in native plants you help preserve and restore the natural habitats of various wildlife.

Controls Erosion

Non-native plants can often affect soil erosion by preventing water runoff. As native plants have adapted to the local conditions, they prevent erosion and allow rainwater to soak into the ground more easily.

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Maintain Your Native Garden With Surf N Turf Mowing

Native plants are a great way to bring the natural beauty of Australia into your home. They’re low maintenance and perfect for any environment! However, if neglected, over time your native gardens will begin to look wild and overgrown.

If maintaining your native garden feels overwhelming, enlist the services of professional garden maintenance with Surf N Turf Mowing. With years of experience, we listen to your needs, assess your garden and provide you with a tailored maintenance solution and services that will keep your outdoor space green, blooming and gorgeous all year round.

Whatever the situation or garden style, the team at Surf N Turf are fully trained, equipped and ready to maintain your garden to the highest standard! get in touch today!

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