Protecting Your Grass In Summer

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There’s nothing like the feeling of enjoying a lush lawn and a garden in full bloom. From catching some rays to family gatherings and barbeques, Summer is the perfect time to enjoy your garden. But with Australia’s gorgeous weather comes the threat of a damaged lawn and garden. While afternoon showers and the bright sun can give your lawn the food it needs to thrive, excessive amounts of moisture and heat can be just as damaging!

To keep your lawn in top shape, it is important to protect your garden from the summer heat. With temperatures that soar and constant exposure to the sun, even the hardiest lawns can suffer. In this post, we will outline what you need to know when protecting your lawn.

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The Dangers Of Summer: What is Heat Stress?

Lawns in the summertime need special attention to keep them green and healthy. Hot weather means that plants have less moisture available, so they’ll use every drop of water stored deep within their roots for maximum growth potential. However, even with these adaptations, your lawn can suffer and experience heat stress.

Also known as drought stress, heat stress refers to the damage that occurs when plants and grass are exposed to excessive amounts of heat while not receiving enough moisture. The most common signs that your garden is suffering from heat stress include:

Patches of Discolouration

One of the more common signs that your garden is experiencing heat stress is discoloured patches. The lawn may turn grey or dark green, before eventually turning brown. These discoloured areas can be an indication there is not enough water for the roots and will appear more frequently and become larger as they move further away from moisture in the soil and the more heat they experience.

Wilted Blades of Grass or Leaves

Much like discolouration, individual leaves and blades of grass will wilt when stressed. This is also a sign that the plant is getting too much sun and not getting enough water. This can also be accompanied by the lawn’s inability to retain its shape, even after being stepped on.

Hard or Cracked Soil

Apart from discolouration, one of the best ways to detect heat or drought stress is by the soil’s density. Typically, if the soil needs water it will be hard and compact – often under discoloured patches of grass as well. This can be done by pushing a screwdriver into the soil. If it does not go smoothly and is difficult to pierce the surface, your lawn likely needs a good drink.

Lawn Care In Summer

Heat stress is especially common for lawns and gardens during extended periods of heat and drought. Fortunately, there are several simple steps that you can take that will keep your lawn green and lush all year round. As such, heat stress can be reduced by:

Watering Deeply

During summer, lawns should not be frequently watered. Watering every day will only produce shallow roots that are not fully equipped to handle hot and dry weather very well. However, deeply watering them is crucial. Doing this ensures that water reaches all the roots and encourages deeper growth, allowing your lawn to reach more moisture during the hottest months of the year.

Sharpen Your Lawnmower

A dull lawnmower blade tears the grass as opposed to cutting it. While this may shorten the grass, this leaves openings for moisture to leak from their blades. Using a sharp blade ensures a clean cut that minimises the moisture that is lost and allows them to better strive in the heat.

Aerate the Soil

Lawn aeration is essential to improve the overall health and appearance of your lawn. This is done to prevent soil compaction. Aerated lawns will then experience greater resilience and root density, making it easier for the grassroots to better find more moisture and oxygen, especially during the hotter, drier months of the year.

Don’t Compact the Soil

As explained above, treated lawns are critical to the health and appearance of your lawn. As such, it is best to avoid compacting the soil too much. This is often seen in areas that receive heavy foot traffic and can be avoided by creating dedicated footpaths with pavers or stones. Similarly, aerating the soil can also be done to ensure the grass receives enough space to grow.

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Keep Your Lawn And Garden Green This Summer With Surf N Turf Mowing

Sometimes your grass needs a little help to overcome the effects of severe heat stress. While you can protect your garden during the summer months by following these steps, it is much easier with the professionals at Surf N Turf!

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